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Calf De-Horner


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The Bateman calf de-horner is an exceptionally solid unit which is suitable for use for calves from 1 to 8/10 weeks. Portable and very strong, it offers a quick easy solution for de-horning calves as well as general handling. The unit features an adjustable height chin rest complete with protective strip to prevent injury to calf. The chin rest also includes a securing rope with a plastic fastening cleat. Fold away handles and heavy-duty wheels make the calf de-horner easy to move around even in challenging conditions.

Key Features

  • Back up bar included with 4 fixing points for different size animals
  • Adjustable height bar for securing calf’s head
  • Swing open gate to release animal
  • Chin rest and rope for securing animal’s nose


LENGTH 1500mm
WIDTH 500mm
HEIGHT 1000mm


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