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The Draftweigh is our perfect solution for fast and easy working. It can weigh, read tags (optional extra) and manually draft all in one unit.

The Draftweigh is also completely portable and easy to operate with both hands.

  • Fold under wheels for easy transportation / works flat to the ground
  • Tapered sides reduce the risk of the animal turning around
  • EID version available
  • Brand-new hard-wearing sides
  • Very quick and efficient to use


LENGTH 1385mm
DEPTH 575mm
HEIGHT 1070mm
not incl. weigh head

Key Features

Tru Test Compatible
Quick and easy to equip with tru test weighing/eid units

Full Access
Great access from above the animal

In-line Operation
Works seamlessly with other handling equipment

Fully Portable
Fold out handles and wheels make the unit easy to move

Quick Release Front Exit Gate
Smooth handle operated from front exit gate

Side Drafting Gates
Easy to use with any hand


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