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Sheepvet Turn Over Crate


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The Sheepvet is our unique turnover crate, with many features only seen in the Bateman version.

It is perfect for foot pairing, dagging and general veterinary work.


  • Automatic head yoke with width adjustment
  • Squeeze down body clamp
  • Cradle length adjustable
  • Easy turning mechanism


LENGTH 1730mm
DEPTH 550mm
HEIGHT 900mm

Key Features

Turnover Position
Ideal for clipping feet

Rear Access to Animal
Easy access to animal for dagging

Head Access
Cheek rest for animal so easy and convenient to work on animal’s head

Foot Pedal
Allowing cradle to be swung out for access all round the animal

Automatic Head Yoke
Unique feature fixing head in position when shoulders hit panel

Handles and Wheels
Easy transportation between locations


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